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Description: ucLADINO would like to provide symposium attendees with the opportunity to share aspects of their personal connections to Judeo-Spanish through brief, recorded interviews. These “oral stories” may be published online at a later date (see consent form attached, below) in order for others to hear the language and learn about personal aspects of Sephardic cultures. 

If you are interested in participating, please sign-up at our welcome/registration table when you arrive at the conference.


1.     Choose one question to answer, and think carefully about your response beforehand.

2.     Sign up for one time slot to record. (If you will be responding alongside someone else as a pair, please sign up for two time slots, using both of your names.)

3.     Arrive 5 minutes early to sign the release form and gather your thoughts.

4.     You have a MAXIMUM OF 5 MINUTES (per person) to record your response. Please respect this time limit so that everyone who wishes to record has the opportunity to do so.

5.     You may answer in English, Spanish, Judeo-Spanish, or any combination of these languages.


1. Describe one person, place, or thing — from your past or present — that represents/embodies Judeo-Spanish for you.

2. If you could teach the world one word or phrase in Judeo-Spanish, what would it be and why? (Please say it in Judeo-Spanish and translate it into English.)

3. What is your favorite joke, story, saying, or song in Judeo-Spanish? (Please tell or sing it in Judeo-Spanish and explain it in English.)

4. What is one thing you would like the world to know about Judeo-Spanish, or one misconception about it that you’d like to correct?


Feb 26, 2016, 8:40 PM