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DAY 1, Tuesday March 3, 2015


9:15—Welcoming Remarks

Bryan Kirschen | Director of ucLADINO & Maurice Amado Senior Fellow, UCLA


9:30—Session 1

Rosa Sánchez | The Graduate Center, City University New York

            “La tore de Babel verdadera”: Linguistic Ideologies in New York’s Ladino and Spanish-language Press 

Jennifer Gutierrez & Genecis Gaona | UCLA

            From Turkey to Mexico: The Experiences of Sephardic Jews in Novia Ke Te Vea

Nechiti Ioana | University of Vienna

            The “Ladino” Renaissance on the Stage: Singing World Music in a “Dying” Language



11:15—Screening of Saved by Language Documentary

             Post-screening discussion with directors Bryan Kirschen & Susanna Zaraysky


12:45—Lunch (Online registration required)


1:45—Session 2

Jessica Saldinger | Yale

            An Exploration of Ladino Revival in Buenos Aires, Istanbul, and Israel

Molly FitzMorris | University of Washington

            Ladino in the Americas: An Intercontinental Comparison

 Sarah Bunin Benor | Hebrew Union College

            Postvernacular Ladino at Sephardic Adventure Camp




3:30— Keynote Speaker: Avner Perez

            Director | Ma’ale Adumim Institute for the Documentation of Judeo-Spanish and Sephardic Culture 

            500 Anyos de Livros i Manuskritos en Ladino (Lecture in Judeo-Spanish)

DAY 2, Wednesday March 4, 2015


10:00—Session 3

 David Benhamú Jiménez | UNED, Open National University of Spain

            Spanish vs. Haketia in the Jewish Community of Melilla: Examples of the Current Variation and Assimilation of “la jaquetía de la                         


 Vanessa Paloma Elbaz | INALCO Sorbonne Paris Cité

            How Recording "las cosas nuestras" Transformed into the Creation of KHOYA: les archives sonores du Maroc juif




11:15—Los Angeles Sephardic Community Panel

             Moderated by Sarah Stein | Professor and Maurice Amado Endowed Chair in Sephardic Studies 


12:45—Lunch (Online registration required)


1:45—Session 4


Julie Scolnik | Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

            Sephardic Immigrants to the United States at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Maintaining the Old, Adopting the New

Carolina Spiegel | Universität Basel

            El judeoespañol de Turquía y de Bulgaria: Análisis comparatista de dos estructuras morfológicas

 Emily Thompson | University of Washington

            Translation as Preservation: Un Episodio en la Inquisición and Seattle’s Sephardim




3:30— Keynote Speaker: Marie-Christine Bornes Varol

            Professor | National Institute for Oriental Languages & Civilizations (INALCO)

            Disruptions in the Verbal Morphology of Oriental Judeo-Spanish from 19th to 21st C.: Causes & Consequences


4:30—Closing Remarks

Randal Johnson | Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA


Reception to follow (Online registration required)



Feb 20, 2015, 10:39 AM