ucLADINO is a student organization at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) dedicated to the learning of/ knowledge about the Judeo-Spanish language(s). With such a rich linguistic history, ucLADINO is surely to be of interest to students from a wide variety of departments throughout the UCLA campus. Judeo-Spanish (commonly referred to as Ladino) is a language that evolved upon the expulsion of the Sephardim, dating back over five centuries, into various parts of the Ottoman Empire and North Africa.

Judeo-Spanish has influence from not only Spanish, but Hebrew, Arabic, French, Italian, Turkish and other languages as well. The location for this organization is a perfect setting, as the Judeo-Spanish (as well as Sephardic) community of Los Angeles is the second largest (behind New York City) in the entire country.

Therefore, there are great opportunities for programming and networking right here in our own komunitika. The learning/ studying of this language will prove to be a satisfying and enriching experience for all those who take part and contribute.

Any undergraduate or graduate student of ANY department is encouraged to stop by our meetings, classes, and events throughout the year in order to take advantage of what this truly unique organization has to offer!

Feel free to contact us at ucladino@yahoo.com, or by writing to us by pressing the corresponding link below.